should schools open up wifi?? and take down wed filters for all students??

Yes,schools should open up Wi Fi. Because, some schools needs Wi-Fi for computers and teachers lets kids use their phones to do work so we need Wi-Fi. Yes they should take down wed filters for all students, because, students dont go look on there everytime to see if homework on there or see if missed class work is on there or see if study guides for testes or quiz is on there.

communications feature 2/communications activity master 2

  1.  conflict can be defined quite simply as competing differences between two or more people.
  2. the consequences of negative is unresolved conflict are decreased productivity,low employee morale, and heightened work place tensions.
  3. -benefits conflict is conflict of the right nature can be beneficial to business.
  4. here are some tips for preventing negative conflict
  • be open to others idea;listen before making up your mind.
  • avoid stereotyping your co-worker and superiors.
  • dont use language or expressions that may be offensive or demeaning to other.
  • disagree constructively;offer alternative suggestions or solutions rather than simply rejecting others’ ideas.
  • above all,treat your co-workers and superiors with the respect you want them to show you.

5.  the following strategies can be helpful in managing conflicts with co-workers;

  • intervention
  • confrontation
  • avoidance

6. conflict between yourself and a superior is acceptable and in some cases even beneficial , if it leads to increased mutual respect . however,conflict with superiors must be handled with care and shouldnt be seen as a challenge to your superiors authority.conflict with superiors should be kept professional and private.

global warning:what should be done?

  1. earth surface is increasing because though this change may seem small, it has raised the ocean level by 4-8 inches.
  2. scientists attribute changes in environmental conditions because human activities like driving cars that use a lot of gas.
  3. people contribute to global warming because of burning fossil fuels. like coal,oil,and natural gas.
  4. scientists project what will happen in the future because temperatures will keep rising if we continue to ignore the impact of our activities.
  5. we cant stop global warnings,because we need everything to live. we need cars to go to work for us to make money to pay bills and feed our family. we need buildings for houses and jobs and stores and everything else we need.

censorship: who should decide what young people read???? 11/17/18

  1.  Should adults have right prevent young readers from having access to books they consider inappropriate??no, because the kids isnt going to do what the book their are reading. they just reading the book because they are interesting of the book they are reading. the parents should be happy that their kids are reading a book instead of being on the phone all day.
  2. People feel that having access to books dealing with tough issues can helpful for students,because they can calm down when they are angry and when they are sad. in the text it says, ” young people might find books helpful for understanding their own lives.”
  3. Librarians and teacher think they can promote positive attitudes toward reading by “censored books to be accessible to students because they are often interesting to read.”
  4. Some examples of novels that integrate issues of racism or violence into their plots is”to kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee”,”the giver by Lois Lowry”,” the bluest eye by Toni Morrison.”
  5. Book banning is a civil rights issue because students should have the rights and freedom to read anything they choose.